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Need Some Navigational Help?

Leadership is about more than being good at your trade, or having the power to make decisions. Great organizations need strong, present leaders and a good sense of direction.

Our Organizational Wayfinding Process will help you get a sense of where you are and where you're heading and provide support at every turn.

Need some navigating help? Arcade is here to help you find your Way.

Step One

The Intake Report
Step One - The Intake Process

The first step of Wayfinding is improving your understanding of where you are right now. During our intake process, we analyze every facet of your business and provide a full report, giving you all the information and insight you need to make important decisions about your direction.


Step Two

Sprint Planning
Step Two - Sprint Planning

Once we have reviewed the intake report, it's time to start building a plan of action. We'll give you a full recomendation of what we would do next if your business were our business. From there, we can make decisions about what you want to change, which parts you need support with, and where each change fits on the sprint schedule.


Step Three

Start Sprinting!
Step Three - Ongoing Sprints

Here's where the rubber meets the road. One sprint at a time, we'll guide and support you through every organizational change you've identified during the planning process, from choosing the teams to work on each task, setting accountability targets and deadlines, and giving you support and guidance at every phase.


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The Theory of Wayfinding

The Theory of Wayfinding

The Wayfinding Theory of Business Development runs on the analogy that a business, any business, is like a trip, starting at one place and heading to another. Like any long road trip, how smoothly the journey goes is a product of planning and preparation. Just like on a vacation, you'd make sure the car is in good running order, make sure you have a clear roadmap, and start with a good understanding of your point of origin, all of these same principals apply to moving your business from its day one state to the thriving organization you envision in your ten-year plan.

Organization Wayfinding uses a series of modelling techniques to better understand your current organization, and a simple 'One Sprint at a Time' methodology to help you keep moving forward through your development goals, with a series of regular pulse checks to make sure you start out moving in the direction you mean to go and continue adjusting your path as you learn more about where you're heading.

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